Automated Facebook & Instagram Ads.
We do all the work.

Step 1

Connect your store to Evermark

All you need to do is connect Evermark to your Shopify store and Facebook, and tell us how much you want to spend.

Evermark campaigns run inside your own Facebook Ad Account for full transparency.

Step 2

Evermark creates your campaigns

Evermark crunches your store data to create relevant and optimized Facebook & Instagram ads. We do all the work.

Retargeting. People who have interacted with your store are retargeted with ads to improve your conversions. For example, people that leave your store without a purchase are retargeted with the most relevant product for them.

Finding new customers. Find people that are similar to your best customers and find people that have shown interest in your store on Facebook or Instagram.

Dynamic Ads. Show the most relevant products to the right people. Your product catalog is synced every hour.

Step 3

See the results

When the campaigns are running you can view the results on the dashboard.

The campaigns are continuously optimized and improved to increase your sales. As your business grows, Evermark will select the best available strategy for your store.

Evermark campaigns are built with

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Product Catalog

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Let Evermark find your new customers on Facebook & Instagram.

Free to get started • Easy setup • Cancel any time